Why Do U Choose Us ?


If you opt for laser vision correction or another refractive surgical procedure you want to be sure that you are getting the best possible care.

With Gadgil Eye Clinic you are in good hands. With us you can be confident of reliable and expert advice and support – after all, no care is too good for your eyes.

As stated earlier, Gadgil Eye Clinic exclusively uses state-of-the-art technology and treatment methods and works with experienced, qualified medical specialists.

  • We have USFDA approved Blueline wave light Allegretto 400hzmachine which is first in mumbai having good results in indian eyes.
  • It is fastest laser system using perfect pulse technology and accurately controlled and incorporated with wavefront principals
  • It improves quality of vision it has in built unique safety mechanism that if patient moves his eyes during procedure it automatically stops firing and as soon as patient relocates green spot it again starts

Unique features of this machine : 

  • Wavefront optimised ablation gives better quality of vision
  • Fast speed it takes 2 seconds to correct -1 diopter 4 seconds to correct -2 diopter and so on hence recovery is smooth and rapid
  • Small spot size
  • Low pulse energy

we have system ,by which we strictly do the procedure to get best results

Dr. Uday Gadgil was invited to present his innovation in high refractive no patients by ptk method in Austria in sept 2011

so u will be in very safe hands.