WHITESTAR Signature® Pro

Signature PRO Performance VS Signature

  • Signature PRO has a faster software processor thanks to a brand new fluidics panel including circuit boards and algorithms.
  • Signature PRO samples vacuum 5 times faster than For surgeons it means an improved performance in the eye with a better chamber stability, a faster response time in maintaining IOP, and a reduction in post occlusion surges.
  • Signature PRO has a brand new wireless 4 button switch foot pedal which is 2.5 times faster than previous foot pedal. It gives a faster response, a lot of control and precision during the procedure.
  • Signature PRO has an improved On Demand Fluidics with a faster response time when changing between both pumps during the procedure.

CASA application (Cataract Analysis and settings application): First to Market iPad App

  • Abbott is the first company to design an application to allow each doctor to track different performance metrics after each cataract procedure (case time, ultrasound, turnover time, take notes, etc.)
  • Doctors will be able to view and email their settings and compare program metrics to optimize patient flow, productivity and settings.

State-of-the-Art Analytics

 To empower surgical suite management with the Cataract Analysis and Settings App(CASA), mobile analytics tool in phaco, wirelessly connects to Phaco System and delivers accurate, accessible performance metrics directly to iPad device.

Video Overlay unit and Teaching Tool (HD Surgical Media Center)

  • Provide Real time blending of phaco system data and surgery video,
  • Display the surgical parameter in Graphical format. With the backup with 23 hours continuous recording

Adjustable Pump Pick up Speed

Adjustable the pump pick up speed with each
Phaco mode and irrigation/Aspiration Mode
  • Aspiration up to 60 CC per minute
  • Peristaltic maximum vacuum of 650 mmHG
  • Venturi maximum vacuum of 600 mmHg
  • Vacuum and Aspiration Flow rate - Programmable Linear control OR Panel Control.
  • Reflux: Gravity Fed
  • Very high speed vacuum sensor, sampling rate of 250/sec, ie. 4ms response time
Surgeon choice Venting: Fluid Venting System OR Pump venting system.
Easy to Transfer the surgeon program
Surgeon setting can be uploaded to any other same system Using PEN Drive (memory stick) only.