Wave Front Custom Lasik

Customized (Wave Front Guided) Lasik

This represents a further step forward in enhancing the precision of laser refractive surgery. Spectacles, contact lenses and conventional lasik correct only sphero - cylindrical refractive errors. The human eye is known to suffer only sphero-cylindrical refractive errors. The human eye is known to suffer from numerous, minute optical imperfections, other than sphero-cylindrical refractive errors. These additional imperfections are measured by an instrument called an aberrometer and incorporated into the treatment procedure. Thus, the 'wavefront - guided' treatment becomes a 'customized or 'tailor-made' approach that refines the procedure to correct not only the refractive error but also the other aberrations of the individual eye.


Lack of discomfort
Faster rehabilitation
Greater stability
Improves retinal image resolution
Improves contrast
Results in super vision
Provides additional data about eye's imperfections

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