Cataract Eye Surgery Doctor in Thane

Dr.Gadgil’s Eye Hospital is an experience Cataract Eye Surgery Doctor in Thane the pacifications of the normal transparent lens is called cataract. The Latin word ‘cataracta’ means ‘waterfall’. Imagine trying to peer through a sheet of falling water or through a frosted or fogged-up window. Expansion of Cataract varies from one to one but as a general rule, mainly cataracts develop slowly over a stage of time. A cataract can take months or even years to reach a point where it adversely affects vision.
Cataract Eye Surgery Doctor in Thane in today’s era is no longer about just removal of cataract and putting in lens. With the modern technology, we can plan the cataract surgery using sophisticated diagnostic tools to achieve minimal to no refractive error or power after cataract surgery and to maximize your vision without need to use glasses.  Inside our eye we have a natural lens. This lens acts like a camera. The lens bends light rays that enter the eye in a manner that the rays fall on the retina and help us see clearly.
However, as age increases, the lens loses its transparency and starts to get cloudy. This is the onset of Cataract Eye Surgery Doctor in Thane. With the development of cataract the vision starts to deteriorate and it is like looking through a foggy or dusty car windshield making things look blurry, hazy or less colourful.
This basic of eye problems is treated with the most advanced of Cataract Eye Surgery Doctor in Thane which have been sharpened by years of experience. This coupled with the almost obsessive attention to sterility and pleasant, trained staff makes the experience of cataract surgery a very comfortable one. This is possible due to the following top class equipments. Our Patients are our prime focus. We have always strives to provide the highest quality and most reliable products that allow us to work with ultimate precision, success and patient satisfaction while we maintain a competitive price.
Our wealth of experience ensures that Cataract Eye Surgery Doctor in Thane stays at the forefront of corrective eye surgery innovation and maintains the highest standards of patient care. For decades we have provided the best equipment and facilities keeping updated with changing times and technology – a pursuit for excellence has been our tradition. Our purpose is not just for curing blindness but also for better quality of life, regardless of the economy, strata, cast, creed or nationality.