Benefits & Risk


It is very important to find out what kind of LASIK procedure is best for you. After all one’s sight is one of the most valuable assets. If a person cannot see he may lose some of his mobility and independence. However, one should think about the pros and cons involved in getting each surgery, for some surgeries can have negative side effects that can be permanent and harmful to a persons’ health. The best way to avoid LASIK complications is becoming aware of everything before the procedure.


Imagine being able to work, drive and play sports without having to depend on glasses or contact lenses. LASIK may make this a reality for you, because this laser eye surgery can treat many common vision problems or reflective errors such as Myopia, Hyperopia, Astigmatism and even "Presbyopia".
You may be a sports person, or want to join ARMY- NAVY or Police, if you have a poor eye sight, you may lose your opportunity. Lasik treatment will do Magic for you.
In India, Girls and Boys who have specs may not be the first option when looking out for  Marriage proposals. Now you have the opportunity to change all the problems you may be facing due to specs. Laser Treatment can be done within 1 day, and the treatment itself take max 30 mins for both Eyes. You are free to do all your activities from the next day onwards. No need for Hospitalisation as such. You come walking and go back walking, within 1 hour at the clinic.
They say, beauty lies in the Eyes of the Beholder, Let your Eyes look beautiful and at the same time You should be able to VIEW through your eyes beautifully. Sharp and clear. No specs and No hassles.  No More Spectacle falling, No more broken specs or lost Spectacles. Get a eye problem solution once and for all.
Potential Complications
Every Individual person has a different EYE sight and Different situation. Dr. Gadgil, with his vast experience of Operating on more than 9000 patients in last 20 years, and Consulting more than 120,000+ patients, will be in a position to identify exact potential complication if any.
Infact, When you come to the Clinic, We give you a Complete, 17 page report with all details , all questions you may have on Laser, Lasik or cataract treatments. Its a Free Report. You can just come and collect all the information.
If you have already tested your Eyes at some other place, and have been told that due to Thin cornea layer, and you can't do the laser treatment, then also Come to US. Dr. Uday gadgil has developed a new technology, which has been accepted and proved which will give you solutions. Dr GAdgil has also presented a Paper on the same technology at AUSTRIA in the year 2011 in front of more than 6000 Doctors from all over the world.
So come to Dr. Gadgil and SEE a New world without Spectacles.
Come Collect a Free report Today.